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Bio Green Solutions Limited

When searching for  web design developer,  we thought It would best best if we could talk "face-to-face" with who we employed to create our website, having found "WebDesignSoft" our fear of not being able to communicate adequately was unfounded. We thank Narcis Anghel and Mihaela Anghel for their  professionalism, patience and need to understand our idea's and needs when developing our website, communicating by email was  all that was needed to establish the necessary content for our website.

Everything they promised in the early negotiations and completion of a contract between us and "WebDesignSoft" was honoured, if fact we feel they gave us more time and service than we expected

We would like to add a important fact, the price we was charged was quite competitive, judging by the prices other companies charge "WebDesignSoft" prices were not only competitive, but great Value-For-Money. Price was indeed an important factor when choosing a website design company, but it was the quality of "WebDesignSoft" that persuaded us to use them to design and develop our website.

Lastly, we were not only presented with a dynamic and easy to use website, we received endless help in understanding the complexities of the technology that lies behind a modern well designed website that is easy to use.

thank once again to Narcis and Mihaela

Bruce Marshall
Bio Green Solutions Limited

WebDesignSoft a furnizat acestui client urmatoarele servicii: web design, web development, seo.